Make music with us!

Music is all about community.

It can be an oasis of calm within a busy week, or a joyful moment where we are mindful, forget ourselves and live in the now.

It can also be a call to action. It can inspire us to fight for human rights: to seek opportunities to liberate people, uphold their dignity and protest alongside them. We must continue this work in a spirit of non-violence and love.

Whether our worship music comes from a hymn book or Spotify is less important than whether it celebrates our joys, speaks to our sorrows or fuels our passions.

So it doesn't matter whether you're Mozart or Mostly Tone Deaf: if you’d like to get involved, contact us!

You can also check our calendar to learn more about our quarterly events.

Coburg-Uniting-Church-Melbourne-Music-Large hall filled with people during a concert led by Nicki Johnson

Thanks to Nicki Johnson and her community choirs, friends of our church, who performed at Coburg Uniting Church for a Refugee and Migrant Sunday event hosted by Coburg Uniting Church.