The Historical Jesus

Coburg Uniting Church Melbourne, Our Philosophy: Minister Ron Rosinsky making a speech in the hall"In this era of global warming, Jesus' authentic message is relevant and urgent."

Each Sunday, Rev. Ron Rosinsky’s Sunday Services are both a call to action on social justice issues and an affirmation of the dignity and divinity of all people. This is because ours is a spirituality of liberation that challenges accepted beliefs and helps people to cope with the problems of modern life.

Rev. Ron wrote the below to capture the essence of what Coburg Uniting Church stands for:

The Jesus of history was not anti-woman or homophobic. Instead he fought against discrimination and hatred.  He broke injunctions to form a community of support and protest with those who were socially outcast, whose voices were silenced, and with women.

Jesus took action against economic exploitation, political domination, and their religious legitimation. He was a man of the people; the embodiment of Jewish wisdom and the prophetic tradition.

Therefore he became an ‘enemy of the state’.

Jesus used the tools of non-violence such as civil disobedience.


He used these tools to give voice to peasant protest, to people whose hopes and dreams were injured by economic exploitation. Jesus called for a reversal of economic and social fortunes.

The teachings and social movement of Jesus of Nazareth, Yeshua, remain unrivalled. Jesus preached absolute equality in a society that was completely segregated along class and gender lines. He led people away from their tribal, irrational and violent behaviour. He reminded people that they were all accepted and were part of God’s blessing. And God’s blessing was intended for all people, including ‘the enemy’.

In this era of global warming, Jesus’ authentic message is relevant and urgent. A new and better humanity is still possible when you live from your true spiritual self. Jesus’ way of being is not destructive toward the earth and others, nor self-serving. Rather it is growing in compassion and caring, and is just and celebratory.

Through our spiritual practices and knowing the Jesus of history, we evoke within ourselves and our world an energy that is nurturing and healing, eternal and saving.

"Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about the things that matter."

Martin Luther King Jr.