The Hero’s Journey and You

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What is the Hero’s Journey?


Dada Maheshvarananda, a monk, activist and writer, describes the Hero’s Journey like this:


“Joseph Campbell’s most famous book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, describes a formula that he called “The Hero’s Journey”. This is an epic adventure that is repeated in hundreds of stories from all cultures, because it is universal in nature. The theme of these inspiring stories is transformation – it is the hero who changes the most. The stories awaken something in us; they ask, “When will you do something heroic? Why not now?”


Campbell studied myths, religions, and narratives from around the world. His famous advice, “Follow your bliss”, came from the phrase satcitananda in the ancient Upanishads,  which translates as “being, consciousness, bliss”, the jumping-off place to the ocean of transcendence. Campbell said he wasn’t sure about “being” and “Consciousness”, but he could understand “bliss”!”


When you follow your bliss, you feel the refreshment of being alive. When you come alive from within, you bring others alive – and the wastelands of our society are transformed. When you come alive from within, you are like a tree with deep roots that no wind can overcome.


Follow your bliss and let the energy of your spirit and soul come forth.


The Hero’s Spiritual Quest


The goal of the hero is to follow their bliss; to hear the call of their life’s adventure and not be blocked by their fears. You are the hero of your life’s story.


In hearing the call of your life’s adventure, you are liberated; you come alive. By coming alive, you bring other people alive who were spiritually dead. It is never too late to move from an inauthentic life to an authentic life, from immaturity to maturity – life is a continual journey of self-discovery.


What will your maturity look like?


You are the best person to make your life count, not an institution or another person controlling you.


When will you become an authority for your own life?


Transforming the Wastelands


The aim of the hero’s spiritual quest is moral. The quest is not to achieve individual salvation, nor ecstasy for oneself – but the wisdom and power to serve others. The hero acts with modesty and compassion to redeem society, and in doing so, embodies a God of blessing. This is “life – rich and abundant, in all of its fullness” that Jesus promised and embodied.


What brings you joy?


To paraphrase Joseph Campbell: when are you planning to become the person you were born to be? To find your essential spiritual self, to rediscover your connection to your intended path, to your bliss?


You are the best person to make your life count. Rather than a church, institution or another person controlling you, you can become an authority for your own life.


This is the Hero’s Journey. With God’s help, you, the hero, can become an authority for your own life and find the resources of character to meet your destiny.


Life is a search. Let Coburg Uniting Church be companions on your quest.

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